Founded in 1992, Nelson Railroad & Crane Services has continued to grow into one of the Midwest’s premier providers of services to make our railways safer, faster, and more efficient.

Rail transportation has been and will continue to be an important mode of transportation in the United States due to its cost and energy efficiency. Nelson Railroad & Crane Services continues to ensure the industry’s safety and efficiency providing services ranging from new track construction to emergency derailment services.

Nelson Services has staff in house to work closely with you on your railroad & industrial development improvements or expansion projects. Our staff has experience with design and construction of new track projects such as unit train facilities, loop tracks, and ethanol facilities. We will meet with you to discuss the purpose and intent of your projects as well as analyze the project foot print with GPS survey equipment to find the most economical way to construct your project without compromising quality.

Nelson Services has experienced crews and the proper equipment to meet the needs of any job, large or small. We are also certified to work on major railroads such as the BNSF, Canadian Pacific, CN, and others.

Nelson Services designed and built the first loop track facility in Minnesota near Erskine in 2005 and we have built many other sidings and spurs for industry shuttle trains in Minnesota and North Dakota. Most recently, we constructed the track facility for the Tharaldson Ethanol Plant, in Casselton, ND, which included constructing 10.2 miles of track with 20 switching turnouts.